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Read all the rules carefully before using our site, you are deemed to have accepted the rules in the transactions you make on the site.

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1. Introduction

These BDSMMPANEL Terms of Use govern your use of BDSMMPANEL Services and are entered into between you (referred to as "you" or "your") and BDSMMPANEL operators (defined below). By accessing, downloading, using, or clicking on "I agree," you accept all terms and conditions in these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy at www.BDSMMPANEL.com/terms

2. Additional Terms and Conditions

When using certain features of BDSMMPANEL Services, you may be subject to specific additional terms and conditions applicable to those features.

3. Acknowledgment of Risks

By using BDSMMPANEL Services, you acknowledge and agree that:

  • You are aware of risks associated with social media marketing and their derivatives.
  • You assume all risks related to the use of BDSMMPANEL services and transactions of digital marketing and their derivatives.
  • BDSMMPANEL shall not be liable for any such risks or adverse outcomes.

4. Acceptance of Terms

By accessing, using, or attempting to use BDSMMPANEL Services, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree, do not access BDSMMPANEL or utilize BDSMMPANEL services.

5. Important Provisions

These Terms contain important provisions, including an arbitration provision requiring all claims to be resolved by legally binding arbitration. Please read the terms carefully as they govern your use of BDSMMPANEL Services.

1. Limitations on Active Orders

It's not possible to have more than one active order for the same service on a particular link. If you try to place a second order before the first one is completed, it will be canceled. Always double-check that you don't have another active order on the same link before placing a new one.

2. Avoid Ordering from Multiple Sources

Don't place orders for the same link on different platforms or websites simultaneously. This will make it difficult to track and resolve any issues that arise.

3. Accuracy of Link Input

Make sure you enter the correct link in the proper format when placing an order. If you input the wrong link or format, your order will be marked as "completed" automatically, without any refund issued.

4. Prohibited Topics

Orders for prohibited topics will be rejected, and the service fee will be deducted from your account balance. These orders cannot be tracked or refunded.

5. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is only possible for services that offer a cancellation option, and under the conditions specified in the service description. Slow completion is not a valid reason for cancellation.

6. Service Description Disclaimers

The information provided in the service description (e.g., start time, speed) is an estimate and may change due to unforeseen circumstances and limitations of the social media network.

7. Priority of BDSMMPANEL Updates

Notifications and updates regarding service status on the BDSMMPANEL platform or @BDSMMPANEL_update channel take priority over the service description.

8. Cancel and Refund Policy

Cancellation and refund policies vary depending on the service, and cancellations must be requested within a specific timeframe. Documentation is required for all cancellation and refund requests.

9. Refill Policy

Refills are not provided for previous drops, and some services have guaranteed refills within a specific time or amount limit. The start date of the order determines the remaining warranty days, and refill requests must be made after 24 hours of completing an order.

10. Order Limitations for Hebrew Channels

Telegram has strict policies regarding Hebrew channels, and orders for these channels may not be completed. Please contact us before placing an order for a Hebrew channel.

11. Drop Rate Disclaimer

Each service has an estimated drop rate, but it is only an estimate based on past performance and cannot be guaranteed due to external factors. The website disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of this estimate.

1. Cryptocurrency Payment Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to the usage of Cryptocurrencies as a payment method. It is important to carefully read these terms before selecting Crypto gateways as your payment method. By choosing to use Crypto gateway as a form of payment, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the conditions listed in these Terms & Conditions. These conditions are supplementary to the terms and conditions specified in the BDSMMPANEL Website Terms and Conditions. In case of any conflict between these Terms & Conditions and the BDSMMPANEL Website Terms of Use concerning Crypto transactions, the BDSMMPANEL Platform Terms & Conditions shall apply. If you do not agree with all the terms and conditions listed, refrain from selecting the specified gateway or network as your payment mode.

a. Crypto payment gateways

b. Crypto manual payments

2. Manual Payment

a. Before making any payment through the manual method, make sure that the desired payment method is still active on the website and is available in the list of portals and payment networks in the add fund section.

b. After successfully completing a manual payment, send the payment information through ticket on the BDSMMPANEL platform. We will then verify the validity of the transaction, and your balance will be charged accordingly.

3. Payment Gateway

The completion time of the payment process using payment gateway methods like Coinbase, Coinpayment, etc., depends on the network structure of the particular payment method. After the payment process is completed, it will be automatically confirmed on the BDSMMPANEL platform.

4. Recharge Balance Range

For each payment method, there is a minimum and maximum recharge amount specified in the add fund section of the BDSMMPANEL platform. Before initiating any transaction, ensure that you pay within the specified range; otherwise, BDSMMPANEL will not be responsible for any disruptions in charging the balance.

5. Recharge Payment

Consider the following points while making payments and recharging your balance:

a. To avoid phishing scams, carefully match the BDSMMPANEL Wallet address on your wallet send page with the address mentioned on the BDSMMPANEL platform.

b. Before completing the payment process, ensure that the input address matches the specified existing wallet address on the platform to prevent any issues due to wallet address change. Payment to BDSMMPANEL's old wallet address will not be confirmed, and any mistakes made will have consequences for you.

c. While making a Crypto payment, verify the selected network and choose the requested network to transfer correctly. Otherwise, your payment will not receive on the BDSMMPANEL platform.

d. BDSMMPANEL is not responsible for any error or problem in payment through the payment gateway and crypto money transfer network. Therefore, follow up with the relevant gateway support.

6. Refund

Funds from your BDSMMPANEL account balance can only be returned to your account in the following cases:

a. If the order delivery takes more than 14 days from the announced time in the description of each service, you have the right to request the return of the remaining balance of your account (Note that checking this issue requires that you send complete documentation, and the review process takes approximately one to two weeks). Also, consider that the updated announcement on the website and BDSMMPANEL Telegram channel is part of the service description and precedes it.

b. If your account has been inactive or inactive for more than four months, you can submit a balance refund request one week before or after the account expires.

d. Ensure that you carefully choose the payment amount as refunds are not possible for payments transferred with the wrong amount.

1. Personal Information Collected and Processed

BDSMMPANEL collects and processes the following personal information:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Nationality
  • Device ID
  • Transactional information

2. Purposes of Processing Personal Information

BDSMMPANEL processes personal information for the following purposes:

  • Transaction services
  • Communication with you
  • Complying with legal obligations
  • Improving our services
  • Providing recommendations and personalization
  • Analyzing behavior for marketing and advertising purposes

3. Cookies and Other Identifiers

BDSMMPANEL uses cookies and similar tools to enhance user experience, provide services, and understand how customers use services.

4. Sharing of Personal Information

BDSMMPANEL only shares personal information as described below:

  • With third-party service providers who have access only to personal information necessary to perform their functions
  • In business transfers where user information is one of the transferred assets
  • To comply with law or regulatory obligations, enforce agreements, or protect the rights, property, or safety of BDSMMPANEL, users, or others

5. Security of Personal Information

BDSMMPANEL designs systems with security and privacy in mind and works to protect the security of personal information during transmission by using encryption protocols and software.

6. Advertising

BDSMMPANEL may share personal information with marketing partners for targeting, modeling, and/or analytics, as well as marketing and advertising purposes.

7. Access to Personal Information

Users can access their personal information, including name, address, payment options, profile information, and transaction history through support team.

8. Retention of Personal Information

BDSMMPANEL retains personal information for as long as required to fulfill the relevant purposes described in this Privacy Notice or as required by law.

9. Contact Information

BDSMMPANEL's data protection officer can be contacted at BDSMMPANEL@gmail.com.

10. Conditions of Use, Notices and Revisions

Use of BDSMMPANEL Services is subject to this Notice and the Terms of Use. Privacy Notice will change with business changes, and users should check websites frequently for recent changes. By continuing to access BDSMMPANEL, users agree to updated content in Privacy Notice.

1. General Provisions

a. Contractual Relationship

The agreement between you and BDSMMPANEL Operators, as outlined in these Terms, constitutes a binding legal contract.

b. Supplementary Terms

Supplementary terms, including the Privacy Policy and the BDSMMPANEL Platform Rules, are considered to be an integral part of these Terms. BDSMMPANEL reserves the right to modify these terms at any time, and users are responsible for reviewing them regularly.

c. Changes to These Terms

BDSMMPANEL may modify or change these Terms at any time, with such changes taking effect upon publication on the website or release to users. Users who do not agree to the modified terms must stop using BDSMMPANEL services immediately.

d. Prohibition of Use

By accessing and using BDSMMPANEL services, users represent and warrant that they have not been involved in any criminal activities. BDSMMPANEL may also refuse to provide services to certain countries or regions at its discretion.


BDSMMPANEL is a global online platform for digital marketing assets and provides a social media marketing platform, technical services, and other digital asset-related services. Users must register, open an account, and deposit digital assets prior to social media marketing. BDSMMPANEL does not provide investment or consulting advice and is not responsible for the use or interpretation of information on the platform.

3. BDSMMPANEL Account Registration and Requirements

a. Registration

To use BDSMMPANEL Services, all Users must first apply for a BDSMMPANEL Account at https://BDSMMPANEL.com/signup During the registration process, you must provide accurate information as requested by BDSMMPANEL and agree to these Terms, the Privacy Policy, and other BDSMMPANEL Platform Rules. If BDSMMPANEL chooses to do so, it may refuse to open a BDSMMPANEL Account for you. Also, each User can only maintain one main account at a time.

b. Eligibility

By registering for a BDSMMPANEL Account, you are representing and warranting that:

  • You are 18 years of age or older, or have the legal capacity to enter into a binding contract under applicable laws.
  • You have sufficient authority to enter into these Terms on behalf of yourself or your organization.
  • You haven't been suspended or removed from using the BDSMMPANEL Platform or the BDSMMPANEL Services.
  • You don't already have an existing BDSMMPANEL Account.
  • If you're acting as an employee or agent of a legal entity, you have the necessary rights and authorizations to access and use the BDSMMPANEL Platform and BDSMMPANEL Services on behalf of such legal entity.
  • Your use of the BDSMMPANEL Platform and BDSMMPANEL Services will not violate any and all laws and regulations applicable to you or the legal entity you represent, including anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, and counter-terrorist financing laws.

Please note that some products and services within the BDSMMPANEL Platform may be restricted in certain jurisdictions or regions due to legal requirements. You are responsible for informing yourself about any restrictions and/or requirements imposed with respect to the access to and use of the BDSMMPANEL Platform and BDSMMPANEL Services in each country from which they are accessed.

c. User Identity Verification

Your agreement to register for a BDSMMPANEL Account also includes providing required personal information for identity verification. BDSMMPANEL will use this information to verify your identity, detect money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, and other financial crimes, or for other lawful purposes as stated by BDSMMPANEL. Additionally, BDSMMPANEL may conduct necessary investigations directly or through a third party to verify your identity or protect against financial crimes, such as fraud.

The information that you provide for identity verification may include your name, contact information, government-issued ID, and other relevant details. You are responsible for ensuring that all information provided is true, complete, and timely updated when changed. If any of the information you provided is incorrect, false, outdated, or incomplete, BDSMMPANEL reserves the right to demand correction, delete the relevant information, and terminate part or all of the BDSMMPANEL Services provided to you. Additionally, you authorize BDSMMPANEL to investigate any potential fraudulent activity or financial crime and to take any necessary actions based on the results of such investigations.

d. Account Usage Requirements

Your BDSMMPANEL Account can only be used by you, the account registrant. If BDSMMPANEL becomes aware of any unauthorized use of your account credentials, it reserves the right to suspend, freeze, or cancel the use of your BDSMMPANEL Account. You agree to notify BDSMMPANEL immediately if you suspect or become aware of any unauthorized use of your username and password.

e. Account Security

While BDSMMPANEL has implemented standard industry protection for its Services, individual User actions may still pose risks. You agree to treat your access credentials (such as username and password) as confidential information and not disclose them to any third party. You are solely responsible for taking the necessary security measures to protect your BDSMMPANEL Account and personal information.

You should be solely responsible for keeping safe of your BDSMMPANEL Account and password, and be responsible for all placing orders and the transactions under your BDSMMPANEL Account. BDSMMPANEL assumes no liability for any loss or consequences caused by authorized or unauthorized use of your account credentials.

By creating a BDSMMPANEL Account, you agree to notify BDSMMPANEL immediately if you're aware of any unauthorized use of your BDSMMPANEL Account and password or any other violations of security rules. You also agree to follow all BDSMMPANEL mechanisms and procedures regarding security, authentication, placing orders, charging, using services, and other related assets. Finally, you agree to take appropriate steps to log out from BDSMMPANEL at the end of each visit.

4. Termination of Agreement

a. Suspension of BDSMMPANEL Accounts

BDSMMPANEL has the right to suspend accounts and freeze funds if it suspects any violation of these Terms, the Privacy Policy, or applicable laws and regulations.

b. Cancellation of BDSMMPANEL Accounts

BDSMMPANEL has the right to terminate accounts directly under certain circumstances. Upon termination, user data will be securely stored for one year.

c. Remaining Funds After BDSMMPANEL Account Termination

Remaining balances in terminated accounts will be payable immediately to BDSMMPANEL, and users will have five business days to withdraw digital assets or funds.

d. Remaining Funds

After BDSMMPANEL Account Termination Due to Fraud, Violation of Law, or Violation of These Terms

BDSMMPANEL maintains full custody of digital assets, funds, and user data in cases of fraud, violation of law or violation of these Terms.

e. Dormant Accounts

BDSMMPANEL may consider accounts as dormant after six months and may withdraw account balances if users fail to reactivate their accounts.

5. Compliance with Local Laws

Users must abide by local laws related to the legal usage of BDSMMPANEL services and other applicable laws and regulations, including taxation. Users must also ensure that their funds come from legitimate sources.

6. Support Conditions

a. Observance of Politeness and Mutual Respect in Tickets and Phone Calls

BDSMMPANEL employees are expected to observe courtesy and respect when dealing with customers, and customers should act with mutual respect in support interactions. Disrespect or obscenities may result in account suspension.

b. Force Majeure and Unforeseen Events

BDSMMPANEL is not responsible for failing to fulfill obligations during emergencies or force majeure events, but will work to reduce their effects.

7. Privacy Policy

Access to BDSMMPANEL services requires the submission of personal information, and users should review the Privacy Policy for guidelines regarding its collection and use.